Cocoa Powder & Cinnamon Soup

This is not a recipe post. This is a frustration post. My two biggest littles–who admitted to knowing better–made soup out of the cocoa powder and cinnamon they found in the pantry. The process involved getting water by the cupful from the sink, which meant I had cinnamon/cocoa goup to clean up from the kitchen to the pantry. At least they did it in a bowl, right?

I’m thinking it wasn’t a coincidence that I shared Glennon Martin’s post Don’t Carpe Diem with my hubby last night. Turns out I needed that perspective today!

The day was full of whiny children, fighting children, mischievous children, children who refused to take naps. Running late. No laundry got folded, so I’m three loads behind with at least three more to wash. Dinner tastes weird (should’ve used the “Traditional Ham & Bean Soup” instead of the “Best Ham & Bean Soup” recipe), and it’s not just for us, it’s for the neighbors too. I have to leave the house in an hour for a meeting I really don’t care to attend.

But I was conscious enough when hubby left to carpe a great hug. And I was awakened later by my middle boy climbing in bed to snuggle with me for a few minutes, his breath soft and warm, his long hair tickling my nose. And my daughter came in to whisper “I love you so much, Mommy.”  I got to share a few lovely hours of fellowship with my sister-in-law, and hold my precious little miracle niece without anyone else clamoring for my lap.

Perspective just makes the world seem sweeter. ❤


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